Outdoor stable floor

With a wind shelter in the pasture, you can allow the horse to be outside more, especially when the weather is not ideal. An outdoor stall or wind shelter is an appreciated detail where the horses can seek shelter from cold rain, snow, or the sun’s rays. Moreover, the horses can choose whether they want to be inside or outside. Something that is important, regardless of which model of shelter you choose, is to prepare the ground. 

Prepare the ground

Before you build your chosen model of wind shelter, the ground must be prepared where the shelter will be located. The quality of the ground and the base for the weather shelter will have a big impact on how long the shelter lasts. This will in turn affect how long your horses can use it. Therefore, it is desirable to place the wind shelter in a location where water cannot collect. The ground should also be level and as even as possible, without holes where water collects to avoid mud. A good way to level the ground is to lay gravel and then our Site mats. A layer of wood shavings, peat, straw, or similarmakes it then easy to remove feces and keep it nice.

The mats are easily laid out and connected to each other by hand. With their cushioning property, they also become a good base for the horses to stand on. If the floor area of the box/shelter is not even with the size of the mats, they can easily be worked with a circular saw to fit the dimensions of the area.

Choice of placement   

Where the shelter will stand also matters. Especially because the horses will want to use it. The choice of placement will determine how much your horses will use it. If the wind shelter can be set up anywhere, it should be placed with the back against the wind to become a natural windbreak. Also, be careful to have enough space around the shelter so that the horses do not risk getting stuck between the wind shelter and other things in the paddock.

Regardless of the horses’ and your needs in the paddock, there are many ways to solve it. If you are interested in buying ground protection for your stable or paddock, do not hesitate to contact us!