Vision environmental objectives 2030

All regions of the world are affected by global warming and climate change is a threat to the development of the entire planet. The production, transport, utilisation and disposal of our products cause a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. At Markskydd i Väst AB we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and our actions and goals work closely with the following objectives:

  • Objective 9: Sustainable industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Objective12: Sustainable consumption and production
  • Objective13: Combat climate change
  • Objective 17: Implementation and global partnership

Since its inception, Markskydd i Väst has aimed to offer innovative solutions to the construction industry and other markets where there is a need to protect soil and the environment from human impact. We want to contribute to increased material recycling and stronger circular flows for plastics. Our goal is to increase the share of “ugly plastic” as a raw material for our products so that the incineration of this material is reduced.

Globala Målen

Circular products

We endeavour to offer only circular products, made from recycled materials that can be reused. Since 2020, all our LDPE-based products are both 100% recycled plastic and fully recyclable.
Through product and process innovation, we are increasing the use of sustainable materials wherever possible. Together with RI.SE, we work to improve our methods and use of the recycled plastic to create better processes in the production and use of plastic that is currently not recycled.
We cooperate with a large number of recycling companies for plastics around Europe and we place high demands on the producers we use. The products must be of high quality and include recycled raw materials. In addition, the plastic must be able to be recycled again.


In terms of transport, we use contractors with lorries with the three latest Euro classes for transport. We are keen to ensure, and continuously evaluate, that our transport partners meet the latest environmental requirements internally and in their means of transport.

Our impact


Recycled plastic mats reduce emissions compared to business-as-usual scenarios where the plastic is incinerated. Recycled plastic ground protection also has a smaller CO2 footprint compared to other alternative ground protection. The LDPE tiles are approved and recommended by Byggvarubedömningen since 2020 and should be recycled after use. 
In 2022, Markskydd i Väst AB has with work and success continued to develop the type of recycled plastic we use in our products. The goal is to achieve a higher proportion of “full plastic” in the products to reduce the Co2 equivalent footprint more than we do today.


We currently have a few products that are not made from 100% recycled materials. The goal is to educate the market and customers to phase out these products and get customers to switch to more environmentally friendly alternatives that we also offer. Of the total number of products sold in 2021, these products account for 1.89% of our sales. The goal is to get that share down to 0% by 2025. 
This is done, among other things, through cooperation with

RISE and VGR in the development of “full plasticisation” in the production of new innovative products to replace those with poorer climate performance.