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Recycling materials has become increasingly important in our society. Although some of the used plastics are recycled into new products, most of them are incinerated and turned into energy for electricity and district heating.
Plastic is a resource-efficient material that plays an important role in our society. It is used in packaging to reduce food waste, made into lighter cars and transport to help reduce emissions, and used in buildings to improve energy efficiency.
The versatility of plastics is remarkable. Some plastics are flexible and mouldable, while others can withstand heavy impacts. The right plastic can withstand harsh weather conditions, strong chemicals, high temperatures in engines, or melt at low temperatures. This multifaceted material can be easily moulded into complex structures for a variety of applications.

Plastics are produced from a variety of sources:

  1. Fossil raw materials such as crude oil and natural gas.
  2. Renewable raw materials such as recycled plastic.
  3. Bio-based raw materials including sugar cane, maize, potatoes, forest and algae.

The industry is in a dynamic phase of change. According tot IKEM we will eventually see an increase of plastics made from recycled and bio-based plastics, marking a new era for the plastics industry.

Our environmental work

Markskydd i Väst AB is committed to promoting material recycling and developing sustainable, circular processes for plastic use. Our vision is to transform so-called “ugly plastic”, which is often used in incineration, into valuable, recycled plastic for our products. Working closely with RISE, we strive to constantly improve our production methods and optimise the use of recycled plastics, to reduce our impact on the environment and support a more sustainable society.
We pride ourselves on maintaining a strict standard for our suppliers. This means that we only use 100% high quality recycled plastic, which can also be recycled again. Since 2020, all our products based on LDPE (low density polyethylene) are not only made from 100% recycled material, but are also fully recyclable. With our products, we are taking a step towards achieving our goal – a future where all plastics are both 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.