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Feed Rows with Plastic Base

With our plastic roller you create simple installation and very easy-to-maintain feeding lanes for the cows in the barn. Easy to clean material and creates a nice area for your animals to eat. The plastic is 120cm wide and 2mm thick. It comes on a roll of 25m and is green in colour. The plastic is made from 100% recycled plastic (LDPE) and can be recycled again, the day it is no longer to be used. The plastic does not absorb moisture, liquids or urine. Easy to keep clean, just rinse when needed.

We sell this particular feed table product through our partner RAIS AB in Kvänum. They can retrieve all information relating to installation, prices and more. Please call Robert Robertsson for more information. Phone: 0512-301709

Plastic Feed Bins
With our plastic sheets you can also make your own feed bins. Measure, cut out, weld (in plastic) and assemble the feed box. Easy to handle the plastic sheets, sawed, drilled, milled more easily than plywood sheets and many other building materials. Made from 100% recycled and recycable plastic (LDPE). Does not absorb any moisture, liquids or urine.
Example of use;
  • Feed rows for cattle and other farm animals
  • Feed bins in stables
  • Feeding devices for game feeding in forests
  • Wild boar feeders
  • Water cistern and feeding apparatus for cattle and horses.
  • Pig breeding, feeding troughs
  • Hen house, flooring and feeding equipment
  • Silo walls for feed storage on farms

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